Harley Supercharger - OEM Black Crinkle Paint

4x4 TUFF

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Please keep in mind that these superchargers are completely custom built.
Build time is now 2 - 3 weeks!!!
International shipping charges will vary based on the country. We will contact you via email with
the additional shipping charge details.
Please indicate the shipping method you would like in the comments section of your order.
Additional S&H fees will be applied after your order has been verified.

All cast, castings are 356-t6 prime aircraft grade.

You can add on items along with your supercharger order.
Click on the add-ons below for product information and to add them to your shopping cart.
The items below must be added to your shopping cart one at a time. A new window
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Add-On Price Notes
8.5 to 1 Compression Pistons Forged $540.00 Gets 9lbs of Boost
Mikuni Fully Polished Carb
Pre-tuned for supercharger kit.

We will determine size.

Bobby Woods W6 Supercharger Cam for twin cam $355.00

A good blower cam.

Diamond Cut Fins $450.00  
Bobby Woods W6 Supercharger Cam-EVO $255.00 A good blower cam.
Daytona Twin Tec $225.00 The ideal ignition is THE Daytona Twin Tec

* The Mikuni is now the best all around performing Carb. Just Bolt on and Hold On!
This Mikuni supercharger carb has been pre-tuned on a supercharged test bike to obtain optimum performance.
*Your original cam is good but the Bobby W6 Supercharger Cam is a good choice to produce a little more power.
*9 to 9 1/2 to 1 Compression Engines need thicker gaskets, Call (800) 752-9850 for custom
head gaskets.
*Higher Compression Engines need to order 8 1/2 to 1 Pistons so we can still use 9lbs of
boost (For Best Performance, see our pistons item)
*Please keep in mind that these superchargers are Custom Built for your engine so
please be patient.
*Any questions, please use our Contact Us form.

Pre-tuned for supercharger kit.

Please Submit This Information with Your Supercharger Order:
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to fill out the Harley/American V-Twin Spec Sheet before or after your purchase
so we can speed up your order process according to your vehicle's specifications.

NOTE: Cashier's checks and wire transfers are preferred methods of payment for this item.
Please keep in mind that this item is COMPLETELY custom built for your vehicle and
is absolutely NOT eligible for refunds, exchanges, or cancellations once construction has begun.

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Harley Supercharger - OEM Black Crinkle Paint SS8$4,500.00