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RMI-25 Radiator Protector & Cooling System Treatment:

Cleans and protects your vehicle's cooling system. This IS a water wetter & will reduce cooling temperatures!
Hi-Performance Racing engines often generate enough heat to self destruct. If an engine's cooling system cannot dissipate that heat because of corrosion or deposit build-up, serious damage can be done to internal engine parts. Repairing that damage costs you money - both in expensive repairs and in lost revenues from downtime. RMI-25 is a liquid additive consisting of a pH stabilizer for acid/alkaline balance, an oxygen scavenger to prevent cavitation erosion and pitting: a lubricator for all component parts such as seals, thermostats, water pumps, hoses, heater valves, and controls.
The cleaning action is brought about by a unique physical-chemical property acting on rust, corrosion and mineral scale deposits. This action breaks down the corrosive deposits into molecular sizes, deforming their shape: making it impossible to recombine and form solids leaving them in a soft, floating, harmless condition which also prevents blockage of the system. The system, depending on the condition is about 90% clean in 10 days to two weeks of normal driving. This cleaning action is continuous and penetrates scale, corrosion, and rust down to the clean metal, leaving an organic barrier on cleaned metal surfaces, preventing further oxygen combination. Water conditioning is accomplished by a surfactant agent, improving heat transfer making water a more efficient coolant itself! The product is non-toxic and non-injurious: safe for all metals both ferrous and non-ferrous and is compatible with all antifreezes, coolant solutions and all metal-based stop-leaks. Dosage ratios for any system call for eight ounces of RMI-25 per five gallons of water.

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